Your Town, Your Future, Your Ideas – Presentation Evening

Friday 11 January 2019, saw the last session of the Your Town, Your Futures, Your Ideas project.

All the groups involved had the opportunity to pitch their ideas to an audience of local business’ and representatives from the Chamber of Commerce.

Catherine Orbach, who facilitated the event through Culture Shift said “It was so impressive to see each group stand up and share their ideas with a large audience.  The audience response was fantastic “.

Since the event there have been many offers of support such as David Ruddle from the Best of Eastbourne who has offered to present a project each week with a request for support from the business community. We have also been offered a space at The Big Futures Show to exhibit the ideas.

Eastbourne Schools Partnership now plan to meet in February to discuss next steps. We will be discussing with 3VA, the Chamber of Commerce and others, to establish what support that can be mobilised for specific projects.

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