Walk the Chalk

Opening of the England Coast Path Celebration – September 2023

LYT Productions

The concept of the project is to “Walk the Chalk” and engage the community and to facilitate as many people as possible walking on, or accessing the England Coast Path over a three to five day period in celebration of the whole path’s official opening.

We plan a creative response to areas rich in biodiversity: the chalk, the chalk dust fossils (coccoliths), the chalk grasslands, the chalk cliffs, the extensive flora & fauna, the sea bed, the Cuckmere Haven estuary, erosion, effects of global warming on the coastline and, of course, the Seven Sisters and the folklore attached.

We are working closely with the Sussex Community Development Association to target and support vulnerable groups and groups in need and, as with The Tide Mills Project, we will engage all the local schools and work with The Coastal Schools Partnership to help young engagement.

We plan to engage a number of local artists to work with schools and community groups to respond to the coastal path, the landscape, it’s diverse flora and fauna, the sea, the sky and particularly to the chalk which underpins and dominates the path, seabed and cliff environment, to create site-specific installations that will be positioned along our planned route leading up to and over the celebration week.

More details to follow so watch this space.

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