The Hero In You

“Improve yourself – Improve your world.” – This was the message highlighted to Students all over Eastbourne from motivational speaker Kheron Kenardo, as he embarked on his Eastbourne schools tour on the 7, 8 & 9 of March.

Organised by Eastbourne Schools Partnership, Kheron has spent 3 days touring around 9 schools, an inspirational young man, who travelled from London and spoke to the Students about his experiences of life and education, about growth mindset and about exploring and choosing their own possibilities.

Aimed at a range of pupils from those in Year 9, about to choose options for their future exams, to those in Year 11, currently studying and revising for their GCSE’s.  Students and staff were astounded by the dedication shown by this witty character before them. Kheron spoke about his ordeals with a troubled childhood, and the motivation he found to turn his life around, putting him in his ‘dream job’; passing on this positive mental attitude to other young people. Kheron talked about focussing on the positives of creating a future without fear and the importance of NEVER giving up on your dreams. It was a great opportunity for the students and we hope that each and every one of them can take something from this and use it to better achieve their educational goals.

One student from Willingdon Community School said afterwards:

‘I have a fixed mindset day in and day out at school, but I’m going to leave here today and try a growth mindset instead.’

Kheron’s down to earth approach and humorous delivery really brought to life how his drive, passion and love of helping others are resulting in so many incredible achievements for him. Kheron’s key point to students about never giving up was well received. “Have strength and believe in yourself and you will achieve your goals.”

The course of events was another great example of how the Eastbourne Schools Partnership has worked together to meet our mission aims. To develop shared projects and experiences that inspire, excite and offer creative and innovative opportunities for children and young people across Eastbourne.

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