CSP Workshop

CSP Workshop with Environment Agency – December 2022

On Monday 5th December 60 Pupils from across the CSP attended a workshop on the future of Eastbourne’s coastal management. The workshop was developed and delivered by CSP teachers in conjunction with the project team from the Environment Agency. Pupils learnt about the reasons why a coastal management strategy was needed for Eastbourne and the range of options which could be employed. Pupils then took on the role of the coastal management team to develop their own plan for the effective management of one section of the Eastbourne to Pevensey Bay coastline. To deliver this, they had to carefully balance a range of different considerations: Cost, Flood risk defence, Asset life, Carbon footprint and Biodiversity impact. They then presented their plans to the project team who helped them iterate their plans to maximise the benefit of their proposed coastal management scheme.

Pupils then had a chance to share their proposed solutions with each other and parents who were invited to attend the final stages of the workshop.

More information about the coastal management project can be found at Pevensey Bay to Eastbourne Coastal Management Scheme (pevenseyandeastbournecoast.co.uk)

Will Longden

Teacher of Geography & Head of e-learning

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