About us

The Coastal Schools Partnership (East Sussex) is a shining example of schools working together for the benefit of the pupils and the wider community.

Aims of the project

The Coastal Schools Partnership (East Sussex) is a partnership of Schools and Colleges located in Eastbourne and the surrounding area. By linking our resources, expertise, enthusiasm and commitment we aim to develop projects and ideas that inspire, excite and offer creative opportunities for children and young people. In so doing we hope to enable our pupils to work together for mutual benefit and the benefit of others across our town.

Background and goals

In March 2014, four Head Teachers, Simon Davies, Kenny Fitzpatrick, Ian Jungius and Melanie Hunt met and discussed the idea of joining forces to create a collaborative project that would inspire our young people. Coastal Schools Partnership (East Sussex) has moved from strength to strength since then, now encompassing over 10 partnership schools from across Eastbourne and the surrounding area.


Each school provides a ‘Champion’ (someone with energy, enthusiasm and commitment) from each of the schools. This group meets four times a year and develops and drives forward initiatives and ideas. The Head Teachers also meet regularly and the Operational group reports to them through the appointed Chair and administrator. A yearly report and accounts also go to this group for signing off. Each partner school provides £750 to a central pot for use across the agreed projects and priorities for each year.


Qualitative and quantitative assessment is on-going. There is a yearly report and accounts produced.

Pupil involvement

The partnership undertakes many academic, artistic and environmental initiatives. Amongst other initiatives we have produced new artwork for Eastbourne station, run dance residencies and creative festivals, run homework clubs, MFL support sessions, hubs for experimental and creative thinkers. We were a major partner in the Making Natural History Conference in November 2020. This online conference bought together major environmentalists and included a live stream with Millennium Kids in Australia as part of the event.
In 2018 the ‘Your Town, Your Ideas, Your Future’ project worked with professionals to explore ideas about how to make Eastbourne and its surrounding areas a more vibrant place to live in and visit. Sir Tim Smit from the Eden Project has been inspired by the engagement and commitment of our young people and has begun to strongly consider bringing Eden to Eastbourne. A working party of young people from across the Partnership are engaged with this vision and continue to act as advisers through the Partnership’s Reconnect Group.

Our Supporting Partners

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